Staying Energized

Balancing your job, family, health and happiness is no easy task. Amidst all of that juggling, let GreenCoffex® help you stay energized so that the last thing you have to worry about is staying awake.



Can’t Stay

Have a project or presentation you need to finish prepping for? GreenCoffex® will help you stay awake to focus on your work for an entire 8 hour cram session.



Need More

Between the shoe store and the grocery store you start lacking energy and feeling drained. Instead of swinging by a coffee shop, save yourself time and money and let GreenCoffex® help keep you energized for 8 hours.



8 Hour

You’ve been driven to believe shots and energy drinks have “magical” formulas that stimulate your body and mind. Well, in the end it is all about the caffeine. That’s where the real boost comes from. GreenCoffex® combines the benefits of natural caffeine with time-release science to deliver 8 hours of sustained energy for your active lifestyle.



5 Tips for
Staying Awake

Looking for natural ways to stay awake? Here are 5 great tips to increase your energy, stay alert and improve concentration when you need it most.



GreenCoffex® is 100% pure, unprocessed caffeine naturally derived from Colombian Green Coffee Beans. Each vegetarian capsule delivers 200mg of caffeine, the same amount found in two standard cups of coffee, without the jitters!



GreenCoffex® is produced with a patented time release technology that steadily releases caffeine in your body over the course of 8 HOURS, giving you an energy increase without a “sugar high” in the beginning or a crash at the end.



GreenCoffex® is a healthy energy solution that really works. It contains the only proven and single most used ingredient for boosting concentration, alertness and energy: CAFFEINE. It’s safe, effective and gentle on the stomach.



Got me through
the workday!

“Green Coffex has been great for me during the workday. Coffee leaves a bad taste in my mouth and energy drinks make me jittery and too chatty for my coworkers. And an hour later, I crash and I am more tired than I was before I drank them. Green Coffex gives me that little energy boost I need to keep me focused and energized through the day.” – Nick, NY



Time Release Technology

The microbeads of caffeine in each GreenCoffex® capsule have three different release profiles. 1/3 of them release immediately, providing caffeine and energy in the first hour. Another 1/3 release between 1 and 4 hours after taking the capsule and the final 1/3 of the microbeads release between 4 and 8 hours after consumption. This patented time release technology delivers long lasting energy without a jolt at the beginning or crash at the end.