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The developers of the GreenCoffex® brand have partnered with a Colombian-based decaffeination plant, located in the Andes Mountains, where natural caffeine is extracted from the unprocessed green coffee bean. This 100% sustainable ingredient source provides a safe and natural energy boost. This sustained energy boost  was a key to  the development of GreenCoffex®. For more than 40 years, pharmaceutical companies have looked  to deliver medicines over a pre-determined timeframe to  improve their immediate release formulations with the same time-release technology behind the GreenCoffex® brand. Now, for the first time, this time-release technology is being used to deliver a natural energy supplement over an 8-hour period. By using the unrefined green coffee extract, GreenCoffex® not only offers a natural caffeine boost with no jittery crash or alternate ingredients, but it also retains its natural antioxidant properties. GreenCoffex® takes pride in its ability to offer a natural supplement from renewable and sustainable resources, while providing a safe and effective energy boost.

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