GreenCoffex works for me!

“I’m so happy to have found natural caffeine pills that increase energy for the whole day and keep me away from energy drinks that taste awful and have extra ingredients I really don’t want or need. It’s all about the caffeine!” – Beth, NY

Better than an energy shot!

“I’m trying to cut down on the amount of coffee I drink, but I feel I need it to help me stay focused and energized during my crazy 12-16 hour days. I hate energy shots – the taste and the feeling of anxiety they give me. GreenCoffex works gently, I don’t feel it, but I can get through my day and still have energy for the evening.” – Sue, NY

Gave me the energy I needed!

“A couple weeks ago I was going to see a DJ with friends. Not be accustomed to the club-life like I used to be when I was younger, around 9:30p I started getting tired, and I wasn’t even meeting my friends until 11pm! I knew if I didn’t do something, I would never make it through the night, so I took a GreenCoffex. Within just a few minutes I could tell a big difference in my energy level and was able to stay out dancing with my friends and enjoy the whole DJ set.” – Leesa, NY

Got me through the workday!

“Green Coffex has been great for me during the workday. Coffee leaves a bad taste in my mouth and energy drinks make me jittery and too chatty for my coworkers. And an hour later, I crash and I am more tired than I was before I drank them. Green Coffex gives me that little energy boost I need to keep me focused and energized through the day.” – Nick, NY