Why it Works

The key to the effectiveness of GreenCoffex® is our 8-hour time release technology paired with an all natural our proprietary all natural caffeine extract.

GreenCoffex® contains the only proven and single most used ingredient for boosting concentration, alertness and energy: caffeine. We use100% pure, unprocessed (non-synthetic) caffeine extracted from South American green coffee beans. Each capsule contains 200mg of caffeine, the same amount found in two standard cups of coffee, outperforming any energy supplement on the market.

The all-natural GreenCoffex® formula is intended to be consumed in the morning, after you wake up. Taking the 8-hour time release caffeine capsule during breakfast, for example, will raise your caffeine level to alertness within the following hour or two, right when you’re getting work, with the increased energy level lasting the entire work day. A capsule taken at 8 am will last until 4 pm. As you get home from work, the caffeine levels begin to diminish below the stimulation level so that by bedtime you are able to sleep without being affected by elevated levels of caffeine in your body. By the following morning, the stimulant level will return to a baseline level, at which time you can repeat the process without building up levels of stimulant in your system.

For more information about the patented time release technology click here.

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