Why it’s Different

There are countless products out there claiming to increase energy and alertness. They come in many forms, from coffee to energy drinks, so what makes GreenCoffex® different from the rest? In the end, it’s all about the caffeine. That’s where the real energy boost comes from.

Caffeine is one of the most popular stimulants administered to increase alertness and combat sleepiness. Many people drink soft drinks or coffee as a way to ingest caffeine, however there are some downsides to this method. Ingesting large amounts of these beverages result in high calorie consumption, spending a lot of money and having to make frequent trips to the bathroom. Also, drinking these beverages late in the day may cause problems when attempting to go to sleep that evening.

GreenCoffex® has taken care of this by creating a product and method for easily administering stimulants so that you can achieve the desired level of alertness during certain hours while avoiding the retention or buildup of caffeine in your system to levels which will interfere with your normal sleep routine.

While energy drinks deliver with high amounts of caffeine, they often have an unfortunate taste and additional, unnatural ingredients that aren’t necessary for increasing energy. Many of these beverages or shots also deliver a one-time, large dose of caffeine immediately upon consumption, resulting in a quick “high” oftentimes marked by jitters and the inability to focus on one thing, followed shortly by a “crash,” leaving you with less energy than before you drank the product.

GreenCoffex® avoids the peaks and valleys of caffeine in your body. Leveraging pharmaceutical technology, we provide you with a stable and healthy flow of natural caffeine using our time release technology. This scientific delivery method provides a safe, steady level of enhanced energy, and alertness over an 8-hour period in a once-a-day dose, with no ups and downs or jitters.

Our time release caffeine (as green coffee extract) product comes inside non-animal derived capsules. K-Caps® hard shell capsules are of plant origin, making it 100% vegetarian. Each GreenCoffex® capsule has also been coated to reduce the potential for an upset stomach.

GreenCoffeX® (Time Release Caffeine from Green Coffee Bean Extract) is improved energy for an active lifestyle.

For more information about time release technology click here.

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