Caffeine Supplements Increasingly Provide Sustained Energy

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Natural Foods Merchandiser recently published an article entitled Energy drink formulators favor sustained energy ingredients discussing the move away from quick jolt energy solutions towards work-focused energy supplements. GreenCoffex is leading this trend with its time release technology that allows for up to eight hours of sustained energy.

While Red Bull and other similar energy drinks are popular with younger audiences who want an immediate burst of energy, there is a large group of college students and adults who are looking for an energy supplement to help them stay alert and focused for a marathon study session, 10K race or full work day. According to the article, energy drinks like Red Bull provide “energy support,” rather than “sustained energy.”

The long lasting energy category first took off with 5-Hour Energy. This product and other similar ones contain ribose and/or niacin, which some people have sensitivities to, as a means to increase energy levels over a long period of time. GreenCoffex avoids unnecessary and excess ingredients by using a patented time release technology that releases multiple levels of caffeine in the body at specified times, so it provides increased natural energy for up to eight hours.

GreenCoffex took a good, hard look at why consumers take energy supplements and caffeine pills and found that it’s not for the quick burn of energy but, rather, to allow them to stay awake and provide increased energy for a longer period of time. In addition, we found that many people shied away from products that had unknown ingredients sometimes harmful to consumers. So GreenCoffex was developed as a natural energy supplement with just a few ingredients that consumers can feel good about taking. More on the ingredient breakdown in the next blog post!


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