Finals Coming Up? GreenCoffex® Has Got You Covered.

By JuanPerez , November 30, 2011 / No Comments

With final exams just around the corner, many students are looking for that extra boost to take their grades up a notch. Night owls, staying up all night cramming, and early risers, waking at dawn, both can benefit equally from a natural caffeine energy supplement. Caffeine can help reduce distractions, increase mental acuity and help keep your focus on your schoolwork.

Anyone studying knows the feeling, when there is a huge amount of work to do, you just need that added boost to get you through. Everyone has their own secret strategy. Some people isolate themselves in the library, others set up a study sanctuary at home and many students dose themselves up on coffee, energy drinks and other concoctions. Whatever can get the job done.

Speaking of studying, research has shown that caffeine is one of the most effective ways to boost academic performance. Caffeine has been shown to reduce the effects of ADHD, increase reaction time and, most importantly, help to improve test scores! With research like this, it’s little surprise that nearly every school library now has a Starbucks.

For those who have yet to discover it, GreenCoffex® is the perfect choice for students needing that extra boost. You don’t have to hit the coffee shop, spending close to $5 just for a latte. GreenCoffex® contains zero calories, has no bad aftertaste, and can be taken anytime, anywhere. Take GreenCoffex® with you and you don’t even have to get out of the chair to get your caffeine fix!

Something else GreenCoffex® provides that you can’t get from other sources is sustained, natural energy. Using our proprietary time release technology, one capsule of GreenCoffex® is 8 hours of constant caffeine that provides you plenty of time to get the work done, and there’s no crash at the end!

While we don’t suggest that you give up your tried and tested study and test taking methods, we do recommend trying GreenCoffex® to help with your academics. Leave us a comment below detailing your study routine and one lucky winner will receive a free box of GreenCoffex® - just in time for finals!

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